Why Is Swimming Good For Your Body?

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Every type of workout has its own benefits. But, swimming is something special and it has unique benefits as compared to other aerobic workouts. First and foremost is that when you are submerged in the water, your muscles and bones are released from the constraints of gravity. This means that this is the ideal workout for individuals with osteoarthritis issues.

For individuals with osteoarthritis, the normal weight-bearing exercises are hard to do as they cause debilitating pain in them. Reports state that swimming can bring down the arterial stiffness in these individuals. This is an important reason for heart trouble in individuals with osteoarthritis. Let us explore different reasons how swimming is the best for our health and not just patients with osteoarthritis:


For Muscle Strength

Swimming is a good muscle-building exercise as the water provides resistance. This, in turn, makes the muscles work hard. Injured athletes generally choose swimming as the workout to get back to shape. The reason is that swimming can keep muscles stronger and will prevent further injuries.

Full-body Workout

Swimming is an exercise that uses all the muscles in the human body. So, irrespective of whether you swim a hammer butterfly or a gentle breaststroke, you will be able to get a full-body workout with swimming. Furthermore, when you exercise in water, your body will work harder. This means that 30 minutes of swimming is equivalent to 45 minutes of other workouts on land.

A Help To The Heart

You might be surprised to know that swimming provides incomparable cardiovascular health. When the other types of exercises may be effective at elite levels like cycling and running, including swimming into your cross-training routine will help in achieving overall fitness.

Chances of Injuries Are Rare To Happen

As there is effective support for your body from the water, swimming is an excellent workout without putting stress on your joints. This is why it is identified as the best workout for patients with joint issues. Due to its non-weight bearing nature, there are very rare chances of injuring yourself. Of course, there are chances of tendonitis in your shoulder. But, the chances are rare. Also, such an injury will be a low-grade injury.

Reduction in Depression and Anxiety

You might be surprised to know that swimming is an excellent workout for reducing depression and anxiety. In addition, it can bring excellent mood improvement in the case of patients with fibromyalgia. On a hot day, swimming in cold water is something that can reduce the risk of heart stroke. Also, swimming with the entire family will create a good bonding and it will develop coordination and strength in kids.

Burn Your Calories

Do you look for safe ways to reduce weight? There can be no other choice other than swimming. You might be surprised to know that gentle swimming can burn nearly 200 calories just within half-an-hour. This is something double that of walking.

There are many other benefits that a swimming workout regimen can bring you. You can just instigate a 30-minute session three times a week. But, remember to take frequent breaks. It will ease you to intensify swimming.